Introduction to Roulette

Next to playing the slots, roulette is likely the most simplistic game players will find on the casino floor. The game revolves around a spinning wheel of numbers and a ball that lands on one of those numbers to denote a winner. There are multiple ways to be in the game of roulette, but in the simplest of terms, a person who consistently wins at roulette is someone who is skilled at predicting where on the wheel the ball will fall.

There are two common types of roulette – American roulette and European roulette – and while the games are played in the same general manner, they are different thanks to small variations in the spinning wheel. In European roulette, there are 37 numbers to chose from, numbering from 1 to 37 with a 0 on the board as well. 18 numbers are red, 18 numbers are black and the 0 is green. In American roulette, all of these rules still exist, but are joined by a 38th slot on the wheel: a 00 that, like the regular 0, is green.

The highest-stakes bet a player can make on a roulette table is to bet ‘straight up’. In a straight up bet, the player selects a single number from the wheel and makes a bet that the ball will land on that number. The odds of this happening are fairly slim, but someone who wins a straight up bet will cash in on those odds with a 35:1 payout. As a player adds bets to the wheel, their odds of winning increase and their payout goes down. For instance, a ‘split bet’ (two number) pays 17:1, while a ‘line bet’ (six numbers) only pays out 5:1.

In addition to betting on individual numbers, a roulette player can also place more sweeping bets, putting all of their chips on red, black, even numbers, odd numbers or numbers in groups (1-18 and 19-36). These bets cover slightly less than half the wheel, and give players a chance to double their bet if they are correct. If the wheel lands on one of the ‘wild’ numbers (0 or 00), most casinos return half of their bet.

So now you can decide – roulette, poker or blackjack, which is the best game? Roulette of course!

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